Batwa Visit

Price: 250.000 UGX

Lake Bunyonyi is for the most part still an undiscovered treasure for tourists. The serenity long hikes and beautiful islands make it a place that you must add to your itinerary. One of the most impressive activities of Lake Bunyonyi is the Batwa visit. The Batwa are a local Pygmy tribe that is located on the top of the hill near the end of Lake Bunyonyi.

You will first have a relaxing boat trip and will land on a dock near the Pygmy tribe. There you will see that local children will offer you help ascending the mountain. It’s nice to know that these children are not part of the Pygmy tribe so if you find them helpful be sure to tip them separately.

After a short hike (around 20 minutes) you will arrive at the tribe. There they will greet you with all their heart. It’s amazing to see how happy they are and you can really feel the positive energy they exude. After your excitement has settled down they will gladly perform their ritual dance for you.

Its nice to know that they almost entirely rely of the donations of tourists. So you are receiving a cultural treat and they are ecstatic if you buy something out of their craft shop or give them a small tip. It’s a win, win!

After their cultural dance you are allowed to ask some questions and your guide happily will translate them for you.

Be sure to book this trip in time with our reception. The entire trip will take around 4 hours.

Price: 250.000 UGX

50.000 UGX of the fee is for supporting the Batwa community.