boat trip

Boat Trip

Price: 150.000 UGX

We cannot recommend this activity enough. If you have some spare time or are looking for something to do , look no further the boat is here for you.

You will sail the stunning waters of Lake Bunyonyi and will pass by countless islands. If you are brave enough you will even pass punishment island. A place of real history that has a mind blowing tale to go with it. Your captain will gladly tell you the story when you pass. If you are one of the lucky few you can possibly spot an African Otter. They are native to the lake.

Make sure you check with our reception to plan your trip in time. We have 2 boats to choose from 1 covered boat and 1 open boat.

Covered boat: 2 hour lake exploration: 150.000 UGX
Covered boat: 3 hour lake exploration: 220.000 UGX

Open boat: 2 hour lake exploration: 120.000 UGX
Open boat: 3 hour lake exploration: 180.000 UGX