Batwa Visit

Price: 250.000 UGX

Lake Bunyonyi is for the most part still an undiscovered treasure for tourists. The serenity long hikes and beautiful islands make it a place that you must add to your itinerary. One of the most impressive activities of Lake Bunyonyi is the Batwa visit. The Batwa are a local Pygmy tribe that is located on the top of the hill near the end of Lake Bunyonyi.

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Birdnest Canoes

Price: Free for overnight guests

Feeling adventurous? At the dock we have the famous birdnest canoes. I know it’s hard to believe but they are free for hotel guests of course if you are just passing trough you can also use them for a small fee.

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Boat Trip

Price: 150.000 UGX

We cannot recommend this activity enough. If you have some spare time or are looking for something to do , look no further the boat is here for you.

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